Your soul on mine

I want to spend my life making sure you know how it feels to have someone who will always love you for the unexplainable ways you laugh to hide your tears. How you fight back the pain and confront it with your endearing humour. How you go to sleep with your socks on and by the time you wake up, they are missing in another world. How you giggle when there is awkward silence to make the worst situation feel like an unforgettable experience. How when you blink,the sun inches towards you to be closer without making it obvious to others . I want to spend my life making sure the inner kid in you never dies while celebrating the way we never act our age. We may be reckless. We may be out of control. We may be more than love can keep. But we were made to be free while reinventing new ways to stay as naked as we can throughout the day. Nothing feels as good as your soul does when it is on mine.